Hello. My name is Chelsea. And I make videos. Pictured << is my husband, Nick, who often accompanies me as a second shooter on larger projects.

We live in a small rambler in Bountiful and can't imagine leaving these nearby mountains anytime soon. A little bit about us....Nick is my version of Tony Stark: a crazy engineer through-and-through, builds water jet packs and has started a new company just about every year we've been married. We are expecting a baby girl come spring, LOVE listening to podcasts, and have a motorized couch as a fixture on our front porch.

Why videography?

There's something magical about preserving a snippet of time to be relived over and over again. Capturing mannerisms, voice inflections, funny quirks and sentimental sounds all contribute to the beauty of this medium.

I started my video endeavors weeks after losing my grandfather unexpectedly several years ago. I wish I could've documented his mannerisms in true form. Video is so unbelievably honest and real. If only, I would've discovered this passion years before. Life and specifically people are worth documenting.

But in a world where literally everyone has a camera in their pocket, somehow our stories aren’t always captured and told with the attention and care they deserve. And that’s where I come in. My undivided attention (full-time, every day, allllll day...at the expense of my mental welfare sometimes) goes to editing, filmmaking, investing in the proper equipment and most importantly, spending the time to create a video that you will cherish. My goal with every video is to showcase your memories and corporate stories in the most natural, timeless way.

So, let's do it. Let's nail down the story or memory you want captured. I never shy away from a good time to be had.:)

Be sure to check out the FAQ section on the home page for more information.

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Client Testimonials

  • Testimonial #3

    I would recommend Chelsea over and over again to anybody! Weddings are naturally chaotic – mine was especially this way because my spouse and I come from very large families and mixed cultures. She was extremely patient, graceful, and was able to capture everything perfectly in the midst of the awesome craziness. Chelsea definitely has an eye…

    Andy Denos Su’a-FiloManager
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  • Testimonial #2

    Chelsea is not only great at what she does, but cares about her clients. She is really good at working times out with them and making sure they are getting what they would like. She is so friendly and doesn’t make it awkward at all. She makes you feel very comfortable. I’m so happy that we decided…

    Charlene CommereeConsultant
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  • Testimonial #1

    What an amazing time! Chelsea made everything so simple and was able to capture one of the most amazing moments in my life.

    David NarayanDesigner
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